‘Great writing is vital for your success in school,’ states the company on its home page, and they are absolutely right. Submitting quality papers can easily get you to the top of the class. Can ParamountEssays.com help you in this no doubt difficult task? Let’s see.


Quality and diversity

Main types of papers provided by ParamountEssays.com are essay, coursework, book report, personal statement, term paper, research paper, and dissertation. This list is quite ordinary and not surprising. Along with complete papers customers can also order editing, paraphrasing and other individual services. In other words, Paramountessays.com can help in almost any case, which is definitely a great advantage.

There are 6 groups of subjects covered, and before you ask…yes, you can order not only Literature and History papers, but also Math problems and lab reports. It proves that the service has a versatile team of writers (who are all alleged to be degree holders), which in turn proves you will be able to find a writer for you.

There are 12 samples provided, and all of them are of impeccable quality. Might seem suspicious for someone, but we think it’s great and award 5 out of 5 for quality.

How fast?

Surprisingly enough, the service really does not violate deadlines. Experienced customers know how common it is for writing services to deliver late. Paramountessays.com obviously takes special pride in fast terms of fulfillment and respect of deadlines.

Besides, when you are placing your order, the service will tell you straight away whether it is possible to finish within the specified period of time.

Naturally, a focus on speed might impact the quality, but sometimes it is better to have a mediocre paper on time, than a good one after the deadline. 4.8 out of 5.


Right on its website and also in a separate Privacy Policy document the service states that its customers are fully protected against any information leaks. It includes non-disclosure of personal information and restriction of access by employees. The service also guarantees protection of financial information, but just to be on the safe side it is probably better to pay via payment systems, not credit cards.

In case a customer does not like the paper delivered, he can request a free revision. The option is active for two weeks after the paper was completed and can be also requested afterwards for a fair consideration.

Money-back guarantee applies as well.

4.7 for protection of customers’ privacy and other interests.

Prices of the services

Be ready to pay for quality and speed. ParamountEssays.com is not shy to have rather high rates. However, we concluded that the quality of papers justifies the cost and, thus, can be called value for money.

Support department works smoothly and is able to answer most of our questions. There are probably not many operators, so you might be forced to wait.

To sum up…

We like the service and consider ParamountEssays.com a reliable provider. Their website is convenient and obviously regularly updated, their level of service is rather high, and speed of fulfillment is impressive.

Their readiness to provide various types of orders such as PowerPoint presentations, etc. proves that it has a large base of writers and a young flexible team of administrators that manage to satisfy every customer.

If you need a quality paper and ready to pay for it, ParamountEssays.com is the place you should go.  Out evaluation is 4.9 out of 5.