They call themselves a term paper service you can rely on. We see them as just one more writing company. In this review, we described what reasons they have for boasting.

Quality of services

First and foremost, has a really nice website. Probably not the most convenient, but definitely one of the nicest. This ‘easy way to get a term paper’ map is a nice trick to hook attention and plainly looks nice. In all other respects, the site is quite ordinary and does not offer anything beyond average.

The service claims to have a convenient client area. Although the message board they have is rather simple to use, this feature is not unique to and cannot be called their distinctive feature.

There are 6 sample papers provided. One can’t fail to notice that at least half of them deal with literature. It leads to a logical question whether the service is truly capable of delivering science papers or whether it is only an empty promise.

Nevertheless, the samples provided are of more than just decent quality and can be called a good example of professional academic writing. We awarded 4.8 out of 5.


Customers of can get their papers in 3 hours (which is nice) or 20 days (which is much cheaper) with a lot of options in between. The price depends on the speed A LOT, so, if you have a chance to order in advance, don’t fail to do so. 4.7 out of 5.

Confidentiality makes it rather clear that customers’ data is fully protected. They have a well-established privacy policy which is available on their website and follow all security standards. It is nice to know that at least somewhere your information is safe.

The service also guarantees non-disclosure of your personality to the assigned writer, so you can forget your fears about your own professor writing your paper. Our evaluation: 5 out of 5.

Prices and diversity

The rates of the service are kept at an average level. For instance, the average price of a college essay is $20, and you can revise it downwards by extending the term of fulfillment. A convenient online calculator will let you know how much your paper will cost in the currency of your choice.

Along with moderate prices, there are accumulative and first order discounts. Judging from their willingness to reduce prices, the service tries to win more customers with attractive conditions instead of empty promises.

In case the customer doesn’t like his paper, he can get a free revision to fix it or go as far as getting a refund. Money-back guarantee is clearly stated on the website and cannot be denied.

As for the diversity of services, provides around 20 different types of assignments and individual services (e.g. editing) in over fifty subjects. 4.9 out of 5.

Our conclusions is a service that deserves to be recommended. According to our assessment system, it gained 4.8 points. It is a rather high index. Along with high quality and fast fulfillment of orders, it provides customer protection (such as money-back guarantee) and tends to their needs. There is a question, however, whether their science papers are as good as literature ones.

All in all, this service is in our top 20 and has potential to make it to the top 10. If you need quality literature papers at affordable prices, will be able to help.